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Do you have any templates to help me prepare my file for print?

Yes, we do. Take a look at the top of our file preparation page to download them.

Do you offer pre-designed templates or do I need to provide my own design?

If you have artwork already, but don't have a designer to help you set it up for print, we can help you with our file prep service.

If you don't have a designer, our talented team can create a unique business card design for your brand with our custom business card design service.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! Our website will do its best to quote you automatically if you are in the US, Canada or UK. If you are in Europe, South America or Asia please contact us and we can provide you with an exact shipping quote. 

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes! Vermillion Silk has an additional production facility just for in Canada and offers fast shipping across Canada via Purolator and UPS. Note that as we are a US based company, prices listed on our website are in US dollars.

How do I specify which areas I want gloss or foil on?

Take a look at our file preparation page for spot UV and foil stamping file preparation for your business cards. If you still need help, feel free to get in touch with someone at our team for assistance.

How thick are Vermillion Silk Business Cards?

Vermillion Silk business cards are printed on high quality, thick 16pt (350 gsm equivalent) card stock. The substantial thickness of our cards in combination with our smooth tear resistant silk coating is sure to make a great impression. Our suede laminated cards offer added thickness because of the thick lamination, and will make our 16pt card stock feel closer to 18pt.

I have a question/issue with my order who do I contact?

You can contact us either through the contact form on our site, or through our support email which you will receive after you place your order. Typical response time is one business day.

What are CYMK foil business cards?

Our CYMK foil business cards are different from our foil stamped business cards. CYMK foil cards have pros and cons, depending on what you are looking for in your business cards. Unlike our foil stamped business cards which are available only with silver or gold foil, CYMK foil allows you to make any color in your design reflective.

This is a unique process that is not the same as foil stamping, and while it allows us to use any color, CMYK foil's shine is not as strong as foil stamping or raised foil effects. Also CYMK foil business cards can have spot UV coating, but are not silk coated or laminated like our foil stamped cards due to the nature of the production process. 

Depending on the type of design you are using, CYMK foil cards can help you create a very unique image for your brand!

What does silk coated mean?

Silk coated business cards, sometimes also referred to as silk laminated business cards feature a smooth matte finish. Silk laminated business cards feel great in your hand compared to uncoated or regular matte finished card stock. If you aren't sure whether you've felt silk coating before, many popular electronics (smartphones and tablets) from companies like Apple and Google come in silk coated packaging. 

To learn more about silk coating and silk lamination, check out our article: What are Silk Business Cards?

What is foil stamping?

Foil stamped business cards have single color (silver, gold or copper) foil imprint on an area of your choosing. They reflect nicely in light and provide a very unique look for your brand. A couple usage ideas are: printing your business' name in foil, or having a foil texture or design element somewhere on your card. All of our foil stamped business cards are also silk coated (sometimes referred to as silk laminated) for a smooth matte finish that is a pleasure to hold. The feel of the silk coating contrasts nicely with the feel of the foil when moving your thumb across the business card.

To learn more about foil stamped business cards, take a look at our article: What are Foil Stamped Business Cards?

What is Raised Foil and Raised Gloss?

Raised foil and raised gloss are two options offered on our suede business cards. Like our traditional spot uv gloss or foil stamping, raised foil and raised gloss effects have a similar appearance, but our raised options are thicker and will be more easily felt underneath your fingers as they have a slight height to them in addition to a difference in texture from the rest of the business card. File preparation for raised foil and raised gloss is the same as standard spot uv or foil stamping. 

What is Spot UV or Spot Gloss?

Spot UV, sometimes also called spot gloss, is an optional process where a selective area of your printed piece will be covered in a high gloss coating. For instance you might cover your logo in spot UV, and then only the logo would be glossy with the rest of the business card or postcard having one of our luxury matte finishes - either silk or suede. Spot UV is an available option on all of our business cards and postcards. To learn in greater detail about what spot gloss is and how it can be used in your designs, take a look at our full guide on What is Spot UV?

spot uv silk business card photo
The above silk business card has spot UV gloss over the blue hexagon logo.

What is the difference between silk business cards and suede business cards?

Silk and Suede lamination are both offer a matte finish which is significantly smoother and more appealing to the touch than plain card stock or matte finished cards. Suede coating is different from silk coating in that suede lamination offers and even thicker and more velvet-like feel than silk coating. Silk coating is the most popular and affordable, while suede is the thickest and smoothest. 

Some customers prefer silk coating as suede is too much for them, and others who want the most luxurious and unique option choose suede. Neither option is better than the other, the choice comes down to your personal preference.

For more information, we wrote an article with an in-depth comparison of Suede Business Cards vs Silk Business Cards.

What is your refund and reprint policy?

Learn about our comprehensive refund and reprint policy here.

What options for die cut cards do you provide?

Our die cut business cards are available in square 2.5"x2.5", slim cut 1.75"x3.5", and super slim cut 1.5"x3.5". All Vermillion Silk die cut cards also feature silk or suede coating and optional spot UV gloss. We do offer additional, lesson common sizes as well, so please contact us if you need something other than what you see here!  

What other types of products does Vermillion Silk print?

In addition to business cards we offer luxury postcard printing and holiday/greeting card printing. We can add a hold punch at no additional charge if you would like to use one of our business card sizes as silk coated hang tangs for your products, and we can also print folded silk business cards.

In addition, there are some products which we offer as custom orders only; you may not find on our website. If you need additional marketing materials printed with our fantastic silk and suede finishes, please get in touch!

What type of printers do you use?

All Vermillion Silk business card orders are printed using state of the art commercial offset printers in the United States. We never use lower quality digital printing. 

Every job is printed at 500 line screen resolution to ensure the highest quality. For comparison and perspective, a good home printer might print images at 300dpi which is equal to 60 line screen.

Where can I order silk card print samples?

Our silk card sample pack includes examples of all Vermillion Silk print options including foil stamping, spot gloss, rounded corners, CMYK foil, die cut cards and more. Each pack also includes a $10 coupon valid towards any silk business card order. 

Where do I upload my artwork?

After ordering your silk business cards you will be directed to an account page where you'll have the ability to upload artwork for your order. Once we receive your artwork, our print specialists will review your files for potential issues and will send you complimentary digital proofs to confirm for production. If you don't have your artwork ready when you place your order, it can still be uploaded at a later time through your account.

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