What are Suede Business Cards?

Suede business cards are a matte laminated business card that has a very smooth velvet-like texture. Suede lamination is thicker and even more textured than that of silk business cards. Suede business cards have a tactile feel that results in a truly unique experience for those who receive your business card and feels much better in your hand than plain matte or uncoated card stock.

Suede business cards with spot uv gloss. Black suede business cards Suede business cards in white and black with a vertical design for one side and a horizontal design on the reverse. These suede cards have blind spot uv gloss on both sides.

If you have not heard of suede business cards before, it is likely because they are a relatively new type of matte finish. When you are searching for luxury business cards that require a unique feel, the velvet touch of our suede business cards cannot be beat. Like our other finishes, it is possible to add spot uv (selective gloss) over areas of suede business cards, and they are also available with rounded corners. Suede is an even heavier matte finish that silk, which as a result will reflect slightly less light. When you are looking for the strongest matte or the deepest blacks, suede business cards can be a good choice.

While suede business cards feature a type of matte lamination that is very thick, it is not so thick that it will visually make a business card appear thicker (if that card was printed on decently thick card stock to begin with). Even though the lamination is thick and textured in comparison to less luxurious matte finishes, suede lamination does not impact the readability or clarity of text and designs on a business card at all. So you can rest assured that your text and small design elements will look razor sharp on our suede business cards.

suede business cards unique business cards with suede lamination and spot uv
Suede business cards with spot uv gloss for the logo design on the back and over the highlights in the tongue illustration on the front. These suede business cards are finished with our 1/4" rounded corners.

To learn about differences between suede business cards and silk business cards, take a look at our comparison post - Suede Business Cards vs Silk Business Cards.

What reason is left then for choosing silk business cards if suede business cards have such a unique feel? While the experience of suede laminated business cards underneath your thumb might be thought of as more special by some, others still prefer our signature silk business cards because the velvet feel of suede business cards is too pronounced for them. Another factor to consider is if you would like to have foil stamped on your new business cards. Currently we offer flat foil stamping over our silk cards only and raised foil on our suede business cards only.

suede business cards
Suede business cards with spot gloss on the logo icon over the green background.

When it comes to price and turnaround time, printing a suede business card costs a similar amount and will take a similar amount of time to produce as our silk business cards. For orders without spot uv, we do offer next day turnaround as an option.

Any design can look great on a suede business card. If you would like to feel a sample of our suede cards before ordering, take a look at our sample pack to be able to compare the feeling of our silk and suede finishes for yourself.

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