What are Silk Business Cards?

Silk business cards, (sometimes referred to as silk coated business cards or silk laminated business cards) are one of the most luxurious and highest quality types of business cards. Silk coating is a lamination process that gives business cards a unique silky smooth matte finish. Besides enhancing the look and the feel of the business card, silk coating makes a business card more tear resistant and helps with water resistance.

silk business card photo The above silk business card has spot UV gloss over the blue hexagon logo.

If you aren't familiar with the feel of a silk business card, there's a chance that you've felt silk lamination on product packaging in the past. Some of the most common examples are boxes from Apple and Google products (ie: iPhone, Macbook, Tablet packaging) seen in the photo below.

silk coated packaging

Traditional uncoated card stock or even full uv coated stock has a cold cardboard texture that is not the most pleasant. Thick silk coated business cards have a nice smooth and silky feel as you slide your fingers over them. There is something to be said about a unique business card that not only looks great, but feels great in your hands. When that new client or potential customer holds your business card, the quality immediately reflects the care you put into every detail of your business and brand. A unique business card helps to cement that great first impression and instills that extra bit of confidence and excitement in your customer's mind.

foldover silk business cards

Vermillion Silk prints a variety of unique silk business cards. We have silk cards with foil stamping, selective gloss, unique cut sizes and more. Customize options for your silk cards, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question!  

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