Suede Business Cards vs Silk Business Cards - Which Finish is Best for You?

The difference between suede business cards and silk business cards is subtle. When comparing suede to silk for your next business card order, the finish that will be right for you comes down to your preference. Neither finish is better than the other. In this post we will cover the differences between silk and suede business cards to help make your decision easier in choosing the best matte business cards.

suede business cards vs silk business cards differences and comparison photo A comparison of suede business cards (top) and silk business cards (bottom).

In the photo above we have a comparison of a suede business card on top of a silk business card. While under most lighting conditions the finishes create an identical appearance, under bright lighting it is clear that suede reflects slightly less light than silk. Scrolling further down this post we have another comparison where you can see that the black in the suede card appears slightly deeper in shade in the suede business cards as a result (suede business cards are the first photo and the second are the same cards with silk coating instead).

If you are looking for the highest contrast or deepest possible blacks for a matte black business card, suede business cards may be the way to go. Again, the overall appearance is similar in most conditions though, and this is a small difference to illustrate the subtleties of each type of lamination. We can apply spot uv or selective gloss to either suede or silk business cards. Both can also have corners rounded, though our silk business cards are the currently the only ones with foil stamping available as an option.

suede business cards with spot uv gloss
Suede business cards above reflect slightly less light, resulting in a deeper black.

Silk business cards and suede business cards are similar in the sense that they both have a type of matte lamination applied to them after printing. Both of these matte finishes are smooth to the touch and have a similar appearance. Silk business cards have been around longer and we often compare their feeling to that of Apple’s iPhone and Macbook packaging which has a smooth matte feel. If you haven’t heard of silk business cards before, take a look at our post - What are Silk Business Cards.

silk business cards with spot uv same as suede but with silk coating lamination
The same cards as the previous image, but with silk coating instead.

Suede business cards are a relatively newer type of luxury business card finish. Suede business cards have a slightly thicker lamination which gives a velvet-like feel and texture to the business card, whereas silk business cards have a smoother feel. For a more in-depth look at suede business cards on their own, take a look at our post - What are Suede Business Cards. Both coatings look and feel much nicer than a plain uncoated card stock.

Some customers prefer suede business cards because they offer the most impressive tactile feel and are the most unique. Others still prefer our silk business cards because the velvet feel of our suede finish is a bit too much for them. Both coatings are nice and are sure to be admired by those you hand your business cards to.

If you are still unsure about which is the right finish for your next business card order, send us a message with your artwork and we would be happy to share our opinion! You can also compare both types of coating in our silk card sample pack.

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