What are Foil Stamped Business Cards?

Foil stamped business cards are silk coated business cards that undergo an additional process where silver, gold or copper foil is imprinted on one or both sides of the business card. Adding foil stamping is very appealing and immediately stands out because of the way it reflects light. Adding silver, gold or copper foil tastefully can elevate the luxury appeal of your silk business card design.

foil stamped business card photo Gold foil business cards with a black background, silk coating and spot uv gloss on the back.

Some of the most creative foil stamped business card designs incorporate spot uv gloss along with the foil stamp to add to the variety of textures and materials on the card. The above photo is a great example of this using gold foil stamping on the front and a spot uv pattern on the back. Ink is used for the dark grey background of the card and the text, but the remaining design elements are composed from foil and spot gloss.

foil business card photo

Foil stamping can be applied as a design element, but is also commonly used to stamp a brand logo or text in foil. At first glance it might seem complex, but Vermillion Silk's setup process is easy for the designer. A designer can indicate where foil should go on the business card by uploading a separate mask file in black and white. Black areas will have foil stamped and white areas will be blank. The setup is explained in detail on our file preparation page.

The mixture of textures from the silk coating, foil stamping and spot uv gloss are a joy to feel in your hand. Your customers are sure to be impressed when they receive a unique business card like this.

silver foil business cards photo

Vermillion Silk prints a variety of unique silk business cards. Our silk cards with foil stamping can include spot gloss, die cut rounded corners and more. Customize your foil stamped silk cards, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question!  

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