Why Choose Letterpress? A Comprehensive Guide to Ordering Letterpress Business Card Printing

Letterpress printing is a type of traditional relief printing that dates back to the 15th century. It involves using raised type or plates to create a physical impression on paper with a press and ink. The process is known for its deep impression and tactile feel, making it a popular choice for printing high-end business cards and stationery.

However, with the invention of offset printing and digital printing in the 20th century, letterpress printing fell out of widespread use.

This article will cover why you might want to choose letterpress business cards over other types of business cards, and what to consider when ordering letterpress business card printing for your company.

How to Design Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress printing is a popular pick among print and graphic designers when it comes to luxury business cards and postcards.

When designing for custom letterpress printing, there are a few key differences that designers should take into account in comparison to digital or offset printing.

This article will cover how you can create an effective design that will take the advantages of limitations of letterpress into account.

Design for Modern Letterpress and Custom Letterpress Plates

Modern letterpress machines are more precise and efficient than their historical counterparts, and custom letterpress plates can now be created using popular design software. Originally, letterpress business cards would have to printed using the movable metal type with metal letter plates arranged together to spell out the words in the design. This meant you couldn't pick your own font or create custom design flourishes.

How Thick Should My Business Card Be

In 2023, the definition of what a "thick" business card stock is has certainly changed from what the answer would have been 20 or even 10 years ago. It used to be that 16pt card stock was considered "thick", with 14pt card stock being average and 10-12pt stock being on the low end of budget business cards.

thick business cards with various paper types

Foiled Edge Business Cards

business card with gold foiled edges

If you are interested in ordering edge foiling for your business cards, you've come to the right place! In this article we'll explain what foiled edges are, how you can design your business cards to take advantage of them, and considerations you'll have to make when ordering foiled edge business cards of your own.

What are Silk Business Cards?

Silk business cards, (sometimes referred to as silk coated business cards or silk laminated business cards) are one of the most luxurious and highest quality types of business cards. Silk coating is a lamination process that gives business cards a unique silky smooth matte finish. Besides enhancing the look and the feel of the business card, silk coating makes a business card more tear resistant and helps with water resistance.

silk business card photo The above silk business card has spot UV gloss over the blue hexagon logo.

What are Foil Stamped Business Cards?

Foil stamped business cards are silk coated business cards that undergo an additional process where silver, gold or copper foil is imprinted on one or both sides of the business card. Adding foil stamping is very appealing and immediately stands out because of the way it reflects light. Adding silver, gold or copper foil tastefully can elevate the luxury appeal of your silk business card design.

foil stamped business card photo Gold foil business cards with a black background, silk coating and spot uv gloss on the back.

Ordering Unique Silk Business Cards - Why Service is so Important

When ordering unique business cards, what's your biggest concern? Usually it's that you want to be sure the files you send in are going to come out right, and match the image of the unique silk cards you envision. Working with business card printers can be a stressful experience. After finally perfecting your design, you upload your files and wait, hoping that your business cards will come out the way you planned. At Vermillion Silk, we take an approach different from most printers to ensure you have peace of mind when ordering unique silk business cards of your own.

silk business cards

How to Design Your Silk Business Card for Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a very interesting process. Besides further enhancing the presence and power of a business card, foil stamping adds a new material into the mix and helps to create a business card that is even more unique.

Recognizing how foil appears as a contrasting material will help you utilize this difference to strengthen your silk business card design. The dynamic of how light reflects on foil, vs. our silk lamination is something that simply cannot be reproduced on a screen. This contrast in materials creates a point of interest for the eye; because of this foil stamping often works best with simple designs.

silver foil stamped business card

(Oftentimes a simple approach with foil is best and creates the greatest impact)

Preparing Your Silk Business Card Designs for Print

So, after spending time perfecting a design until it's just right, how do we make sure that it will print exactly how you want?

spot uv business cards

When ordering silk business cards from Vermillion Silk the process is simple, and we'll let you know if your files require adjustment. Here's a more detailed checklist for everything you'll want to take note of while preparing a silk business card design for printing.

Silk and Foil Business Card Preparation Checklist

Use our interactive checklist below when preparing your unique silk business card designs for printing to help make sure your files are perfect for print when you place your order.

What are Suede Business Cards?

Suede business cards are a matte laminated business card that has a very smooth velvet-like texture. Suede lamination is thicker and even more textured than that of silk business cards. Suede business cards have a tactile feel that results in a truly unique experience for those who receive your business card and feels much better in your hand than plain matte or uncoated card stock.

Suede business cards with spot uv gloss. Black suede business cards Suede business cards in white and black with a vertical design for one side and a horizontal design on the reverse. These suede cards have blind spot uv gloss on both sides.

Suede Business Cards vs Silk Business Cards - Which Finish is Best for You?

The difference between suede business cards and silk business cards is subtle. When comparing suede to silk for your next business card order, the finish that will be right for you comes down to your preference. Neither finish is better than the other. In this post we will cover the differences between silk and suede business cards to help make your decision easier in choosing the best matte business cards.

suede business cards vs silk business cards differences and comparison photo A comparison of suede business cards (top) and silk business cards (bottom).

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