10 Stunning Black Business Card Designs

While we print luxury business cards in a variety of unique colors for our customers, one of the most common colors chosen is a solid deep black. There is a good reason for this - black ink contrasts with foil effects very nicely and it works great with the technique of applying “blind” spot uv. Blind spot uv is gloss elements placed in a certain area of the business card where there is no matching ink design underneath (commonly in a pattern over the rest of the ink), to create an even darker gloss contrast. In addition to that, black is a color that is bold and powerful.

black suede business cards with spot uv and rounded corners Beautiful Beasties, a black suede business card with spot uv and rounded corners.

1. Beautiful Beasties

Beautiful Beasties creates wonderfully detailed illustrations and used her suede business cards to show them off. The intense vibrance in the bold colors of the illustration over black look great, and to top it off spot uv gloss was added over the highlights of the tongues in the illustration and for the logo on the reverse side, creating a level of contrast that would be otherwise impossible in print. The velvet feel to the suede cards finished with our 1/4” rounded corners on this card is sure to leave a lasting impression.

black silk business cards with silver foil and blind spot uv
Detailed ornamental flourishes of spot uv combined with silver foil stamping over our silk business cards.

2. Mystical Entertainment

This luxurious business card is extremely detailed and has a great use of blind spot uv. Both sides of this silk business card are covered in a flourish pattern of spot uv gloss. The clear gloss enhances the contrast on black areas of the card and leaves text easy to read. The ME logo is finished with silver foil stamping on both sides to align with the bright blue ink below it. A card like this is a great example of a designer knowing how to best incorporate the features of multiple print finishing options. 

black silk business cards with gold foil
Requiem, one of the cards included in our luxury business card sample pack. Gold foil and spot uv over silk lamination.

3. Requiem

This silk business card with gold foil is one of the cards we include in our sample packs. The modern pattern in gold showcases our detailed use of foil. On the reverse side the pattern is repeated in spot uv gloss. See this one in person for yourself when you order one of our luxury business card sample packs.

black silk business cards with copper foil and spot uv
Distressed copper foil stamping on both sides over silk business cards. Spot uv gloss text below logo.

4. Karna

The Karna card makes a bold statement with its distressed logo style, stamped in copper foil on both sides. Subtle spot gloss wording is applied and a bit of white text to finish it off. The detail in the logo design compliments the simplicity and clean look of the solid black background.

spot uv gloss over black silk business cards
North Rim's silk business card is a great example of blind spot uv over a black business card.

5. North Rim

North Rim’s black business card is a great example of blind spot uv gloss. On the front the word “North Rim” appears in spot uv gloss only, over the rest of the logo. Because the gloss is completely clear, the logo underneath is not obstructed. On the back, a tree logo illustration is applied in spot uv over the contact information in the same fashion.

black silk business cards with gold foil stamping
A stunning black business card with gold foil on both sides for all design elements.

6. Tsutsumida Pictures

Tsutsumida shows us that sometimes it isn’t necessary to use ink for text at all. Other than the solid black background over our silk lamination, this black business card has all of its design elements stamped in gold foil on both sides for a result that is definitely luxurious and eye-catching.

copper foil white and black silk business cards
A black business card with copper foil on both sides an a white back.

7. Precision Wines

Precision Wines chose copper foil business cards with our silk finish, but on the back side they used a white background instead to contrast the front. This is a great example that a unique black business card doesn’t have to be black on both sides!

black silk business cards with silver foil stamping and round corners
We designed Luca Manfe's black business card with his signature in silver foil on the front and 1/4" rounded corners. 

8. Luca

Luca Manfe, a winner of Masterchef asked us to design a card that was elegant and simple. He knew that he wanted something black and with his name on it. We stamped his signature in silver foil on the front of our silk business cards with 1/4” rounded corners and the reverse side had the minimum amount contact info needed in white with spot uv over the text.

black and white silk business cards with spot gloss pattern uv
Epoxy TV used black on one side of their silk business cards with an icon pattern in spot gloss.

9. Epoxy

Epoxy is another example of maximizing contrast with a front that is white, but a back side that is solid black with their icons repeating in blind spot uv gloss. These silk cards where kept without rounded corners to match the sharper edges of the brand.

black suede business cards with spot uv varnish and rounded corners
This suede black business card used a textured background on one side and a unique application of spot gloss.

10. DDP Yoga

While many print designers use completely solid blocks of color in their design, we printed a unique black business card with DDP who chose to have a textured background instead of a solid black or grey. They opted for our suede business cards with rounded corners and added a fun touch of spot uv over glasses of the owner in the photo, as well as the logo.

Next time you are working on a unique design for a black business card, send us a message and one of our print specialists will gladly review your design and artwork.

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