How to Design Elegant Business Cards that Pull Customers Into your Brand’s Story

We believe that great business card design focuses on what is most important.

As Dieter Rams said, “Good design is as little design as possible”.

When designing a business card, it is important to consider what the goal of the business card is. Do you want someone to call you, to email you, or to visit a certain location?

elegant silver foil business cards with matte silk lamination A great example of a minimal and elegant business card design.

Whatever your primary goal is for your business card, you should focus on including the minimum amount of information required to lead your prospect to that goal in the best way, and sometimes leave out the alternatives. So, if email is most important for your business and you do not speak with most customers on the phone anyway, then do not include a phone number on your business card.

Just because many people have traditionally designed business cards wrong and squeezed every possible point of contact into a couple inches of space, it doesn’t mean that you should as well.

Like any marketing materials and messaging in your business, you do not want to force your potential customers to think. Give them too many options or too much to think about and the prospect won’t do anything at all. A great business card uses design to clearly represent the brand image and offers a clear and simple point of contact. That design can be augmented through luxury business card print options that will make your business card unique and memorable.

At a maximum, phone and email plus a website or social media handle are usually the most that should be added to a business card.

great business card design a black business card with spot uv gloss and matte silk lamination
A silk business card with spot uv gloss on both sides. Including only the information that is most important.

A good way to think about this is - how do you want people to begin the story of your brand? This may be a topic that you have not given much thought in the past, and if that is true, then it is important that you give it some thought now. When a prospect connects with your brand, should they be connecting with you directly first? Should that be through an email, a phone call, or social media? It is even possible that you might want the prospect to go to your website first, learn more about your brand, and then connect with you by providing more information on a web form (depending on how you typically distribute your business cards).

Considering that your business card marks a point in the story of your brand (maybe the introduction, maybe an invitation to connect further), it is important to keep building up positive emotions that will lead to a sale. You wouldn’t force someone watching a movie to stop and choose a way to continue to the next part of the film. Instead you should present a single option to continue through your brand’s experience.

Next time you are getting business cards printed, consider who is your customer and at what point in your brand’s story will your customer receive your business card? Finally, what would your perfect customer do after receiving your business card? Design your business cards with this in mind; we will help you print them with stunning finishes and your brand will soar.

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