How to Design Your Silk Business Card for Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a very interesting process. Besides further enhancing the presence and power of a business card, foil stamping adds a new material into the mix and helps to create a business card that is even more unique.

Recognizing how foil appears as a contrasting material will help you utilize this difference to strengthen your silk business card design. The dynamic of how light reflects on foil, vs. our silk lamination is something that simply cannot be reproduced on a screen. This contrast in materials creates a point of interest for the eye; because of this foil stamping often works best with simple designs.

silver foil stamped business card

(Oftentimes a simple approach with foil is best and creates the greatest impact)

Light hitting vs. not hitting foil directly can change perception of contrast in a big way. On a screen, silver on white, might seem too hard to read, but silver foil stamped on a white card, often has more than enough contrast, since when light is not directly hitting the foil it can appear rather dark, and when it is, the foil will appear significantly brighter than the rest of the white card stock.

silver foil stamped business card with blind spot gloss

How thick or thin can foil stamping be to come out in print?

This is a common question, and the answer is that in most cases there's no need for concern. It's recommended that you don't fill more than half of one side of a card with foil as this can create inconsistencies and the foil texture will be more easily noticeable (whether that's good or bad, depends on what you are looking for).

Foil can be very thin, but certain patterns with many extremely thin pointed lines may have difficulty being reproduced. The quickest test is to create a 2 pixel wide line in Adobe Photoshop and compare it to the glyphs in your typography or the thin areas of your design elements. As long as elements are 2 pixels wide or wider, they should come out in print and foil stamping.

unique business card silver foil stamping

Finally, if you ever do find yourself with a design that is too complex or thin for silver or gold foil stamping, our CMYK foil printing process will be able to accommodate it. Though it isn't as bold as foil stamping and cannot be paired with silk lamination, the strengths of CMYK foil business cards are that they allow complex designs and unlimited reflective colors.

See more of our foil stamped business card examples in our unique business card gallery, or customize your own foil stamped business cards for printing today!

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