Foiled Edge Business Cards

business card with gold foiled edges

If you are interested in ordering edge foiling for your business cards, you've come to the right place! In this article we'll explain what foiled edges are, how you can design your business cards to take advantage of them, and considerations you'll have to make when ordering foiled edge business cards of your own.

What Are Foiled Edge Business Cards?

Foiled edge or glided edge business cards that have foil applied around their edges, or are painted around their edges (in the case of painted edge business cards) as opposed to the edges being the color of the underlying cardstock. Most business cards are printed on white paper stocks, and therefore have white edges. The edge colors of your business card can make a significant impact on the overall card design, transforming an otherwise simple design into one that stands out.

Foiled and painted edge business cards have a very luxurious appearance. For example, if you printed your business card on a standard white paper stock, but printed it with a bright red background, the edges of the business card would still remain white. To elevate the appearance and presence of your business card, you could have foil applied to the edges, or have the edges painted to match the colors used on the rest of the card design.

gold foiled edge business cards

The appearance of foil can stand out especially well on matte finished business cards because of the contrast between the smooth matte and the shining foil.

How to Design Foiled Edge Business Cards?

There are a couple of small considerations that you should make when designing business cards with foiled edges. First is to make sure the foiled edge color or paint color used will match the colors used in the design. Unlike traditional CMYK printing, foiled edges and painted edges must be applied in a much more manual process and cannot simply be fed through a printing press like the front and back of your business card. As a result, specific foil and ink colors must be used, and the colors available is much more limited than

Apart from keeping in mind to match the colors, there is no other difference in artwork preparation than there would be with standard business card design.

At Vermillion Silk we offer a variety of edge foil colors as well as a wide selection of inks for colored edges on your business cards.

How Do You Foil Edge Business Cards?

To apply foil edges to business cards, the cards will first go through the rest of the print process. They will be printed, coated, and cut, and after they are otherwise complete, they will be clamped together to have edge foiling applied.

foiled edge, painted edge, and colored edge business cards

Can I Add Rounded Corners to a Business Card with Foil Edges?

Yes! You can still have foil or painted edge business cards with rounded corners. We offer either 1/8" or 1/4" rounded corners as an alternative to straight edged business cards. While we can also produce custom die cut shapes for business cards, it usually isn't possible or practical to add foil to a custom shape.

round corner painted edge business cards

How to Order Business Cards with Edge Foiling?

To apply edge foiling to business cards, the paper stock must be a certain minimum thickness to produce a good result. This is necessary so that the foil can adhere to the edges of your card, and so that the effect is noticeable. Typically at Vermillion Silk we will use 32pt card stock for foil edges. This is double the thickness of your standard "thick" card stock. If the card is 16pt or thicker stock, we can still apply edge foiling. For reference, the foiled edge business cards shown in the photos on this page use 32pt card stock.

At Vermillion Silk we can apply metallic foil to the edges of thicker stocks with our custom shop print service. Get in touch with us about your design and we'll be able to help you select exactly the right paper and colored edges to create a stylish and eye catching result for your brand.

When your potential customers see your business cards with shining metallic edges in the stack of cards they keep around, it is sure to stand out.

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