Why We Offer a Very Specific Selection of Luxury Business Cards

We take pride on being a specialty business card printer who prints luxury business cards that are truly stunning and unique for our customers. Sometimes customers wonder why we don’t offer certain custom options. In this article we will explain why offering a specific product selection helps us offer you the best luxury business cards.

We have been involved in the print industry for almost 20 years now. We have carefully studied and tested countless types of papers, finishes and print methods. On our mission to offer our customers an easy choice for luxurious business cards we wanted to achieve three key things:

  1. We want to offer high end and uniquely luxurious business card
  2. We want to be able to offer our products at extremely competitive prices
  3. We want the process of ordering specialty print and various options to be easy to understand and easy to design artwork for
luxury silver foil business card with silk and spot uv Silver foil business cards with spot uv and our signature silk lamination.

As a designer, the finishing options and paper that you choose can dramatically alter the way in which your design should ideally be created and setup. Even a knowledgable graphic designer may not have experience with every type of finishing option, stock or ink and as a result may have a hard time coming up with a design that properly takes advantage of the material.

We offer one single card stock for all of our printing to help customers in being able to more easily prepare their cards for print and know what to expect. For instance, if we offered black card stock, which to most customers isn’t much different from a black background on our white card stock, designers wouldn’t be able to use CMYK print process as it is a subtractive color model. The stock would cost more, the inks would cost more and options would be limited.

Similarly, if we offered more paper thickness options, we would be creating additional risk for our customers and additional cost. Having to carry more types of card stock would mean that our prices would have to be higher, and as a customer you would risk ordering a card that ended up being thicker or thinner than you anticipated. Thin cards make for a poor presentation and brand image, and business cards that are too thick result in an awkward product that risks being discarded by your potential customers because of its bulk.

For this reason we chose a stock that we feel is the perfect balance. It is thick enough that it won’t easily bend and offers a substantially feel and weight, but at the same time is not awkwardly thick and flamboyant.

copper foil business cards with silk coating and round corners
Luxurious copper foil business cards with silk coating and round corners

Our customers have the freedom of being able to use the standard CMYK print process that they are used to designing for, get the benefit of high quality offset printing, all while still being about to select from various luxury print options such as silk lamination, suede lamination, spot uv gloss, foil stamping and more.

While it does take time and experience to learn how to best incorporate spot uv and foil into a design, that is what our print specialists are here for - to help you and your designers ensure that their designs will come out stunning in print.

If you are ordering luxury business cards for the first time and any of these specialty print options are new to you, please get in touch with us today and one our our print specialists will be happy to review your artwork and make recommendations.

In a way we share some similarities in our product thinking with Apple, in that it is best to do a few things right rather than offering every option possible and ending up with something that doesn’t come together well.

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