What Makes a Luxury Business Card Stand Out from Regular Cards?

There are many differences between your average printer and a luxury business card printer. Here we will go over the 4 most important differences in quality that you should look out for when ordering your next set of business cards.

luxury business cards A few of the many luxury business cards that we have printed for our customers.

1. Paper Quality

How sharp and vibrant your printing looks won’t matter much if the paper it is printed on is poor. The paper quality on average business cards usually leaves a lot to be desired. The paper may have noticeable imperfections that detract from image quality. It may be thin and bend very easily, or worse it may be almost as flimsy as any only piece of paper sitting on your desk.

Your business card is an opportunity to showcase your brand. What does a flimsy business card say about your brand? What does it say about your level of care for your business and image?

Today so much communication happens digitally and some types of printed marketing materials are not as necessary. If you do want to make an impression carrying a business card, it better be one that is finely crafted enough to show your care and attention to detail for your business.

2. Print Quality

Another difference between luxury business cards, and the typical budget business card printer is that quality business cards will generally be printed on offset presses which will be able to properly print fine details with clarity. A cheaper digital press by comparison will result in text and details that appear pixelated or blurry with noticeable dot gain when looked at closely. A high quality digital press won’t be the end of the world, but if you want the highest fidelity in your text and imagery, look for printers that offer offset printing like we do.

It can be a challenge to tell what printer will use the right kind of press when simply looking at a website. Especially since many companies will market themselves as “premium” when they really use low quality digital printing.

There is an easy giveaway though that will allow you to tell if the business cards are printed on a digital printer. Companies offering extremely small quantities of 25, 100, or even 250 cards are pretty much guaranteed to be using lower quality digital printing because digital presses produce small runs effectively and higher end offset presses cannot. There is not much of a cost savings to print large quantities on digital presses so it is even possible to print a unique design on every single card. Offset presses print sharper, but also print quickly. So quickly that it is already a challenge to produce only 500 pieces with an offset press. Minimum quantities of 500 or more will have a higher chance of being printed on an offset press.

gold foil business cards
Silk business cards with gold foil stamped on both sides.

3. Finishing Quality

The typical business cards that you might find usually come in two finishes: uncoated matte card stock (which feels like a thin piece of cardboard), or a full gloss finish (which with high gloss covering the entire card, the result will usually appear cheap).

At Vermillion Silk we offer two luxury finishing options that make a big difference in the appearance and the feel of your business cards. First, we have our signature silk business cards. What are silk business cards? Our silk finish is a matte lamination that results in a very smooth and pleasant feel. This looks nicer and feels significantly better than plain card stock under your thumb.

Second, we have our suede business cards. Suede lamination is a matte finish, similar to our silk business cards, but our suede finish has a more textured, velvet feel when held in your hand. Learn more about what suede business cards. Both of these options are significantly thicker and better feeling under your hand than the average matte finish you’ll find elsewhere.

Our finishing doesn’t stop there though. After your card goes through silk or suede coating, you can optionally choose from selective gloss areas (spot uv), raised gloss in some areas, foil stamping, rounded corners, or all of them together.

The differences in texture and appearance that combining these options together creates a finished product that is miles above an average business card and makes our luxury business card stand out against printers who offer cheaper foil-like “effects” or barely noticeable and costly metallic inks.

4. Customer Service

We take pride in printing the finest crafted, premium, luxury business cards for our customers. That is the reason why we have a print specialist individually review every design that is submitted to us. If we catch an error or have a suggestion for improvement in your design, we will let you know.

No longer do you have to feel fear and uncertainty when ordering printing, because you will know that someone who understands the vision of your design is there helping to ensure it will come out exactly as you imagined.

luxury silver foil business cards
Silver foil business cards with blind spot uv gloss on the back.

Summing it Up - Price is Important too

Besides offering business cards that are luxurious and unique, we also take pride in being able to offer so many specialty options at prices that are affordable. Many other luxury printers might offer a few more options in paper choices and foil colors, but oftentimes prices will be $1 per card and up. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are also multiple companies using digital printers offering small quantities of 100 cards or less, and after factoring total costs with shipping, they are still charging over 60 cents per card.

At Vermillion Silk we are able to offer luxury business cards at a price that is sometimes more than 5 times cheaper than other “luxury” printers while not compromising on quality or service. If you would like to learn more about how we are able to keep our price competitive and quality high, read about why we choose a very specific selection of luxury business card print options.

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