How to Printing Custom Packaging Inserts for Your Amazon, Shopify or Ecommerce Business

As a ecommerce business owner, you are probably already aware of the impact that small things like including custom packaging inserts in your products can make on your customer’s overall experience. When you consider the cost of a small, finely printed ecommerce product insert or hang tag, the potential return on investment is huge. Ensuring that you have a luxurious looking insert vs a cheap flimsy and poorly printed insert can make a large difference as well.

An insert could contain a simple thank you, a request for a review, a coupon to entice a future purchase or all of these things combined. (See further below for more ideas for uses for packaging inserts)

custom gold foil hang tag printing packagingMinimal gold foil hang tags with silk coating printed for one of our customers.

Under promise, over deliver - a phrase that we’ve heard hundreds of times now really rings true when it comes to ensuring a customer’s order experience is positive. Its small details in your packaging like a printed foil insert, suede insert, spot uv insert (or a combination of those) can elevate the unboxing experience for your customer.

If you haven’t thought of including a packaging insert in your products yet, here are a few more reasons why it is a great idea:

  1. No delivery cost - You aren’t spending extra postage to send something to your customer because it is included in the product they ordered.
  2. Improves your customer’s unboxing experience - A nice thank you or short message really goes a long way to improving the way that customer’s think about your brand. It is small things like this that can get customers to post about you on social media. (Bonus points for leaving space on the thank you insert where an employee can handwrite a message.)
  3. A powerful tool for cross selling and retaining customers - Not only does an improved experience help to create loyal customers, but a packaging insert is also a great way to promote similar products to consumers or offer them a discount on a future order.

To sum it up, the potential to make a connection with your customer, to gather feedback from them, to create a better packaging experience and to help retain them in the future make printing product packaging inserts a great idea.

gold foil postcard insert product packaging foil printing
GW2 Collective included a variety of foil postcards in their packaging.

Here are a few more ideas for ways to use custom packaging inserts:

  1. Thank you notes (including a space for an employee to write something by hand in addition to what is printed is a good idea)
  2. Request for a review or feedback
  3. Coupons for similar products or future orders
  4. Request for sharing a photo on social media (including your social media tags)
  5. A contest or sweepstakes
  6. A hang tag or insert with your logo and product description
gold foil insert product packaging insert printing
Have a coupon or thank you printed at a variety of sizes to include in your product packaging.

We can print hang tags, or other packaging inserts for your Amazon, Shopify or ecommerce business using the same variety of the luxury print finishing options that we offer on our popular and unique business cards. All of our custom packaging inserts are printed right here in the United States (Canada too if you are a Canadian customer). We use the highest quality offset presses and environmentally friendly soy inks.

If you have any questions about getting a custom packaging insert printed for your business, please contact us today and one of our print specialists would be happy to provide assistance.

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