Ordering Unique Silk Business Cards - Why Service is so Important

When ordering unique business cards, what's your biggest concern? Usually it's that you want to be sure the files you send in are going to come out right, and match the image of the unique silk cards you envision. Working with business card printers can be a stressful experience. After finally perfecting your design, you upload your files and wait, hoping that your business cards will come out the way you planned. At Vermillion Silk, we take an approach different from most printers to ensure you have peace of mind when ordering unique silk business cards of your own.

silk business cards

We realize the complexities involved in more customized, unique business cards. Besides the color of the ink, there is the look and placement of the spot uv, and foil stamping. With so many variables involved it is even more important that you feel confident that the design you provide us for print will come out the way you imagine.

Vermillion Silk goes the extra mile to not only provide a free digital proof for your files, but to take the time to review your design and understand the look you want to achieve. If you are unsure about how a certain grey or black will come out, we will help you with CMYK values and even let you know the exact values of our sample cards for reference. If we believe your design might benefit from spot uv here, instead of there, we'll let you know. 

silk business card with spot uv gloss photo

Starting as designers and small business owners ourselves, we know how much great service can make a difference. If you are working on a unique business card design right now and have a question about how an element in your design will turn out, please get in touch!

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