What Differentiates Vermillion Silk from Other Specialty & Luxury Business Card Printers?

We like to think that our combination of service and quality make us the best luxury business card printer out there. While much of what we offer is unique, we are not the only printer offering specialty finishing options and with a higher focus on quality. With that said, what makes Vermillion Silk different? Why should any business owner or entrepreneur choose us?

luxury silver foil business cards with silk lamination Silver foil business cards with silk lamination and a spot uv gloss pattern on the back.

While it is not always the case, we would hope that other printers also do their best to provide great customer service. Many luxury print shops will be so surrounded by print that they forget their customers do not always know as much as they do, when it comes to print terminology and processes. This is where other printers will struggle in comparison to our own customer service who will speak in a language that our customers understand. Unfortunately, many customers have one of two experiences with other printers:

  1. The support they receive speaks in a language that uses terms they do not understand and doesn’t really leave any helpful or understandable recommendations.
  2. The support is actually not trained in the print industry at all and doesn’t know anything more than the customer, being completely irrelevant unless they are asked a question such as when an order will ship.

What makes Vermillion Silk different is that we understand that our customers come to us to look to answers. We also understand that our customers (while they may be experienced graphic designers already), aren’t always going to be as familiar with print terminologies and processes as we will. Having printed countless business card designs, few customers will have the same expertise of what designs work well with what finishing options. That is why we are here to help ensure that your luxury business cards turn out exactly as you imagine.

gold foil business cards with silk lamination and rounded corners gold business cards both sides
Gold foil business cards with silk lamination. Gold foil on both sides and 1/8" rounded corners.

We will carefully review every design that is submitted to us, not only to ensure that it is prepared correctly, but to see if there is anything that we can recommend that would help that particular business card design come out even more spectacular in print.

When we do have suggestions or recommendations we will help you by offering clear advice without the cryptic print jargon.

Beyond our support, we’ve chosen products and finishing options carefully to offer you the best combinations. Specifically limiting the options we provide to offer what we believe is the best value and impact, which in turn allows us to offer you great prices, when compared to a print shop that will have to order each ink and paper specifically for your order. Going this route allows us to provide luxury print options that are not overwhelming in complexity, and that will not overwhelm your wallet as well. You can read more about this in our article about Why We Offer a Very Specific Selection of Luxury Business Cards.

With Vermillion Silk, there is no need to figure everything out on your own. Next time you are starting a new business card design, or even thinking of ideas, send us an email and our print specialists will help you to create the unique business card that you imagine.

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