Unique Ideas for What to Put on Your Business Card

Here are a few unique ideas for the content that you could place on your business card. Before we start, it is important to mention that you should not overthink your business card design. A simple logo on one side with contact info on the other can do wonders with the help of a luxury business card printer like ourselves.

A great business card should be a token to remember someone by. It should be something that is unique and special so that the recipient will remember it and want to save it.

A great business card will be kept by the receiver for years to come, and even more importantly, it will generate results for your business.

unique suede business cards with green and white Our velvet-like suede business cards with a thumbprint printed over them for BrandThumb.

If you are a search engine optimization company for example, you could be creative by not having any contact info on your business card, just your name. People can then Google you to be able to contact you because you show up in the first page of results for your name.

If you are going to a conference and specifically ordering a few hundred business cards for networking at this conference, sometimes it can be a nice idea to put some wording on your card reminding those who received it, where you met. ie: “We met at X conference.”

If you are a single person business, and your selling process involves a significant amount of personal contact, it can be a good idea to place a portrait photo of yourself on your business card. Below is an example of how one of our customers did this, and he even had spot UV gloss applied over his glasses so that the lenses on his glasses have a glossy appearance.

unique suede business cards with spot uv and rounded corners in black
Rounded suede business cards with spot varnish. Spot gloss is added over the logo, blind spot uv for the name and spot gloss on Steve's glasses.

Some business owners include a space to write on to set an appointment on their business card. Our silk business cards and suede business cards can both be written on with most pens. Business cards can also be used to include some kind of coupon or promotion.

Many business owners will have two variations of their business cards. For example one version of your business card meant to give out privately in a one on one exchange, might include your cellphone number or other more personal information. The alternate version that might be available for anyone to pick up in your store or to be distributed more informally, might not include your cellphone number.

unique white and gold foil business cards with rounded corners and a vertical design
A vertical silk business card with gold foil stamping and rounded corners.

While having a creative and unique approach to your business card can be great, the simplicity of your brand logo over a solid color, pattern or gradient on one side of the card with important contact info on the other is a timeless and easy to understand design style. It is important to not overthink your business card design. Having a simple and classy business card printed with luxurious finishes and clear representation of your brand and contact info can be everything you need.

Stuck on your new business card design, and want a second opinion? Contact us and one of our print specialists will review your artwork and make recommendations.

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