What Makes a Luxury Business Card Stand Out from Regular Cards?

There are many differences between your average printer and a luxury business card printer. Here we will go over the 4 most important differences in quality that you should look out for when ordering your next set of business cards.

luxury business cards A few of the many luxury business cards that we have printed for our customers.

10 Stunning Black Business Card Designs

While we print luxury business cards in a variety of unique colors for our customers, one of the most common colors chosen is a solid deep black. There is a good reason for this - black ink contrasts with foil effects very nicely and it works great with the technique of applying “blind” spot uv. Blind spot uv is gloss elements placed in a certain area of the business card where there is no matching ink design underneath (commonly in a pattern over the rest of the ink), to create an even darker gloss contrast. In addition to that, black is a color that is bold and powerful.

black suede business cards with spot uv and rounded corners Beautiful Beasties, a black suede business card with spot uv and rounded corners.

What Differentiates Vermillion Silk from Other Specialty & Luxury Business Card Printers?

We like to think that our combination of service and quality make us the best luxury business card printer out there. While much of what we offer is unique, we are not the only printer offering specialty finishing options and with a higher focus on quality. With that said, what makes Vermillion Silk different? Why should any business owner or entrepreneur choose us?

luxury silver foil business cards with silk lamination Silver foil business cards with silk lamination and a spot uv gloss pattern on the back.

How to Design Elegant Business Cards that Pull Customers Into your Brand’s Story

We believe that great business card design focuses on what is most important.

As Dieter Rams said, “Good design is as little design as possible”.

When designing a business card, it is important to consider what the goal of the business card is. Do you want someone to call you, to email you, or to visit a certain location?

elegant silver foil business cards with matte silk lamination A great example of a minimal and elegant business card design.

Raised Foil and Raised Gloss Business Cards vs Traditional Foil Stamping and Spot UV

At Vermillion Silk we offer foil business cards and spot uv business cards. For each of both print finishing options, we offer two varieties - the traditional foil or spot gloss approach, and a raised foil or raised gloss option.

Depending on your design and preferences, there can be positives and negatives to either choice of raised or flat foil and gloss. Here we will describe some of the more subtle differences to consider so that you can be sure you are choosing exactly what finish is best for your particular design.

raised gold foil business cards with suede lamination Raised gold foil suede business cards. See this card in person when you order our luxury business card sample pack.

Unique Ideas for What to Put on Your Business Card

Here are a few unique ideas for the content that you could place on your business card. Before we start, it is important to mention that you should not overthink your business card design. A simple logo on one side with contact info on the other can do wonders with the help of a luxury business card printer like ourselves.

A great business card should be a token to remember someone by. It should be something that is unique and special so that the recipient will remember it and want to save it.

A great business card will be kept by the receiver for years to come, and even more importantly, it will generate results for your business.

unique suede business cards with green and white Our velvet-like suede business cards with a thumbprint printed over them for BrandThumb.

Luxury Business Cards - Ingredients in Great Business Card Design, and Considerations for having your Luxury Business Cards Printed

What makes a business card “luxury”?

We believe the following attributes describe a luxury business card, and we print business cards with these concepts in mind.

colorful luxury silk business cardsVibrant silk business cards with rounded corners.

A luxury business card should:

How Larger Businesses can Order Luxury Business Cards for their Whole Team

When ordering business cards for your entire team the process and concerns you might have before ordering are different from those involved when ordering a single set of business cards.

At Vermillion Silk, we take pride on making the experience as simple and satisfying as possible for companies ordering printing for their entire team.

Here we sum up the 5 key concerns when ordering luxury business cards for your whole team, followed by our solutions.

luxury business cards with suede coating for multiple employees Multiple sets of suede business cards printed for employees on the team at MaxQ.

Luxury Postcards - What are Silk Postcards, Suede Postcards and Foil Stamped Postcards?

Silk coated or silk laminated postcards (sometimes shortened to ”silk postcards”) are postcards with a very smooth matte lamination applied. This silk coating is significantly thicker and smoother than typical matte finish cards, which results in a luxurious effect. Suede postcards are similar, but suede is a matte lamination with a more velvet-like feel.

Whether planning to mail postcards for your business or use them in another way, creating a printed piece that stands out above the rest is important. At Vermillion Silk we print some of the highest quality postcards available with the combination of our high end offset presses, thick and premium card stock, and our smooth matte coatings. Larger pieces like our luxury postcards work great as invitation cards, holiday cards, handouts at events, etc.

luxury suede invitation cards with raised gloss, black suede postcards folded to 5x7 Suede coated invitation cards with raised gloss over the bottle image. 7x10, folded to 5x7.

Luxury Business Card Printing for Startups

Even though Vermillion Silk is a luxury business card printer, we’ll tell you right away, that as a startup, spending money on business cards is usually not the first thing you should be doing.

That said, if you are a startup who has your product or prototype taken care of and want to show potential customers or investors that 1. You mean business, 2. You have every detail covered, and 3. That you care about details in your business - a luxurious and unique business card printed for your startup can help you make a lasting, impressive and trustworthy impression.

luxury business cards for startups with suede and raised spot gloss UV

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Luxury Business Card Printing

To create the best luxury business card design, you first need to understand the medium and processes you will be working with.

The easy part is print on paper, but where it gets more complex is the modern print finishing options you might choose to add to your business card. Knowing the strengths of each of these finishing processes will help you create a luxury business card that is truly stunning.

If it is your first time creating luxury business cards for yourself, we know that trying to understand different luxury print options can be daunting. In this article we hope to summarize everything you need to know in less than a ten minute read, so that you can confidently design the most stunning luxury business cards for us to print for you. Each section below includes image examples of the print techniques we describe.

Vermillion Silk luxury business card printing Some of our luxury business card printing

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