Luxury Business Card Printing for Startups

Even though Vermillion Silk is a luxury business card printer, we’ll tell you right away, that as a startup, spending money on business cards is usually not the first thing you should be doing.

That said, if you are a startup who has your product or prototype taken care of and want to show potential customers or investors that 1. You mean business, 2. You have every detail covered, and 3. That you care about details in your business - a luxurious and unique business card printed for your startup can help you make a lasting, impressive and trustworthy impression.

luxury business cards for startups with suede and raised spot gloss UV
Suede business cards with raised gloss that we printed for Heights Platform - Online Course Creation Software.

When you are ready to meet with potential customers and investors, we will be here to help print luxurious business cards for your startup.

While we offer discounts for teams that order together for multiple employees, if you are a bootstrapped startup, there may be only one or two team members that will absolutely need business cards starting out (the ones heavily involved in meetings and sales).

We also recommend that for startups that want to have more complex print options like our foil business cards, that it might be best to only order options like foil stamping for the employees that need business cards the most. The rest of your employees can then start out with a more simple version of your design where the foil elements are printed in ink instead.

Some startups feel pressured to prove that they are an authentic business and may believe that by putting every piece of contact information possible on their business card, their business will appear more legitimate. We encourage startups to avoid this trap though. Like any other business, it is important to keep your business card simple and to include only the one or two most important ways to connect with your business. If you want to ensure that you have unique business cards, that should be accomplished through the design and print finishing options used on your cards. For more in depth ideas of business card content, read our article on Unique Ideas for What to Put on Your Business Card.

heights platform suede business cards with raised gloss raised spot UV
Another photo of Heights Platform's suede business cards with raised spot gloss. 

Unlike expensive letterpress cards. Our suede business cards, foil business cards and silk business cards are high end business cards that won’t break the bank for a startup.

When you show up with a great product and a stunning and unique business card, it shows that you have all the boxes checked, you aren’t some overnight unpolished concept, and it demonstrates that you care about your business and how you present yourself. Use a unique business card to give customers the feeling that though you might be new to the market — you are better than what came before you.

Are you ready to get your startup setup with some high end business cards? Contact us today and a print specialist will review your startup’s business card design.

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