Luxury Business Cards - Ingredients in Great Business Card Design, and Considerations for having your Luxury Business Cards Printed

What makes a business card “luxury”?

We believe the following attributes describe a luxury business card, and we print business cards with these concepts in mind.

colorful luxury silk business cardsVibrant silk business cards with rounded corners.

A luxury business card should:

  • Stand out in a way that it catches attention but is not over the top.
  • Be sturdy with a tasteful thickness, but not so thick that it is difficult to store with other cards or become inconvenient for the recipient. A luxury card should not bend easily and slight bends should not create a crease or wrinkle in the card.
  • Use a variety of finishes to create a pleasing feel under the thumbs when received. Most plain, uncoated cards feel too cold and just like pieces of thick paper. Silk and suede coating combined with foil or spot uv creates a smooth finish and textured feel as the recipient feels the differences between the areas that have silk coating and those that are covered in foil or spot uv gloss. Full gloss finishes should generally be avoided, and embossing effects that leave an imprint on the reverse side should be avoided as well.
  • Be printed with vibrant and high quality inks, on a high end printer (ideally offset print). There should not be visible dot gain in the graphic and text details of the final piece. Inks should be environmentally friendly soy based inks.
  • Have adequate spacing for text content. This is why we recommend that customers keep text not only within our safe area an 1/8” inside the finished cut size, but recommend text is within a separate space area an additional 1/8” inside the card to create a pleasing amount of space between text and the card edge.
  • Have type sizes that are not too large to crowd a design, but also not so small that they will be difficult to read at a glance. Our sample pack purposely includes a designer reference card we’ve created which many designers appreciate. This special card shows labeled font sizes and shades of grey so that it is easier to understand how type will look on your finished business card.
spot UV and gold foil business cards
Gold foil business cards with blind spot UV and rounded corners, cut to credit card size.

What Makes a Luxury Business Card

Finally, the best designs for luxury business cards are those where the designer understands with confidence how their design will be translated in the final printed piece. This is why instead of taking your files to print and leaving you hoping for the best like most printers, we have a print specialist review every single file. We will make recommendations for any areas of the design that could benefit from a slight tweak when we send you digital proofs for confirmation.

The combination of great printing and design is what will result in a business card that can be deemed luxurious. We’ve written in detail about what differentiates a luxury business card from a regular one.

vertical silk business cards
Vertically designed silk business cards with spot uv over the logo.

Now that you have learned what to take into consideration when ordering luxury print work, take a look at our article on How to Design Elegant Business Cards.

Finally, if you need inspiration for your design. We’ve also written about some unique ideas for business card content.

If you’d like an extra design review before completing your design and ordering, or if you have other questions, contact a print specialist - we will help you out!

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