Yama Sushi

We designed the Yama business card as one of the new example cards that is included in our business card sample pack for 2019. This luxury business card features copper foil stamping, blind spot UV gloss effects for the wave pattern on both sides and 1/4" rounded corners to match the rounded elements in the design. Order one of our sample packs today if you'd like to see and feel this business card in person. 


WhiteChapel designed their silk business cards with distressed and complex patterns that took advantage of our gold foil stamping. Seeing the distressed foil on these business cards really creates an interesting vintage impression, especially because the material difference between the foil and the rest of the card. 

West Coast Classic Cougar

One of our customers designed these silk business cards to have intricate silver foil stamping on the front side for the wording and portions of the logo. Having part of the logo in ink aligned with the foil stamped elements really creates an interesting appearance because of the difference in texture and reflection. 

Vermillion Silk

Our own business card features a web pattern foil stamped on the back in silver to represent a web of silk and communicate our modern style. The front is minimal with our logo and a vermillion red line that is coated in spot uv. As a finishing touch to our silk business cards, we rounded the corners with a 1/8" radius. 


Venno designed their new silk business cards with a bright red gradient background across both sides. The front of the card features silver foil stamping for the logo and slogan, and the back of the card has contact information in white along with a blind spot uv pattern of the Venno logo icon across entire side.

Velvet Strand

Velvet Strand designed their cards to take advantage of almost all of the unique print options that we offer. We printed these silk business cards with a wavy spot uv pattern on the front, spot uv over the text on the back, and rounding two corners of the card, while leaving the other two straight. To make sure the logo still had enough contrast against the spot uv pattern, it was stamped in silver foil for an end result that is truly luxurious. 

Tsutsumida Pictures

These luxury business cards have a black ink background on both sides and use gold foil stamping all design elements on the card. All in all, this is a very classy business card by one of our happy customers. While the gold foil stamped design over black is a more minimal approach, remember that in your own designs you could also stamp foil over more complex ink patterns or a photo.


TPotter designed their silk business cards using our copper foil stamping. The bold appearance of the copper foil compliments the blue background nicely. While black and white business cards with foil look great, it is nice to see the use of color in a design which compliments the foil. 

The Guild Wars 2 Artist Collective

The Guild Wars 2 Artist Collective had their logo crest stamped in gold foil and surrounded by a blind spot UV lion. The reverse side had all their contact info stamped in gold foil over a solid black ink background. We cut the card to credit card size (3.375"x2.125") instead of the typical business card size, the corners were rounded 1/8" and our silk coating was applied. 

Stephanie Stewart

This silver foil stamped business card designed by a happy customer of ours is a great example of how combining silver foil stamping with a bit of ink can result in a bold and high end look for your silk business cards. These cards have the intricate front logo stamped in silver foil as well as lines of silver foil dividing contact information on the back of the card. Finally this business card features 1/4" rounded corners that contrast the sharp edged logo design. 


Another card with the combination of copper foil over black ink, but with a slight twist. This silk business card has a slight denim texture across the background on both sides instead of solid black. The blind spot gloss line pattern in between the copper foil follows the lines of the subtle denim background. 

Silver Moon Bakery

Silver Moon's silver foil stamped business cards have a large silver foil circle, which makes the texture of our foil more noticeable and actually looks like a silver moon. It contrasts nicely in the light on the smooth white, silk laminated card stock. 

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