Sinnett Realty

SRG designed their business cards with our suede lamination and the application of a subtle amount of raised gold foil. The auspicious use of raised foil for only the employee name and the title on the front is a nice classy touch without being overdone. The rest of the card being printed in greyscale with lots of bold blacks and whites helps the bits of raised gold foil stand out in just the right way. 

Neon Software

We designed this business card as one of our sample cards showing off our raised holographic foil. Holographic foil looks very similar to silver foil at first glance, but tilt it under light and it will give off an impressive rainbow reflection. A vibrant retrowave design like this is a perfect match with holographic foil. 

Beleaf Tea

Beleaf Tea is fictitious business that we created as an example of our raised foil stamping over suede business cards. You can see and feel this suede business card with raised gold foil for yourself in one of our sample packs. Raised foil business cards are one of our newer print options, available in either gold or silver raised foil over our suede lamination.