We added raised gloss over our suede finish for SHC's new business cards. The shapes in the logo really benefit from the 3D look and feel provided by the application of raised gloss. You can find a video of this card better showing the raised UV gloss effect on our instagram:

Keiro Consulting

We printed cards for Keiro Consulting with our velvet-like suede lamination and raised spot uv gloss to give an embossed effect to the lines and shapes in the design as well as the logo. The raised gloss creates a dimensional appearance and raised spot uv over our suede business cards makes the ultimate statement, taking the effect of silk and spot uv a step further in boldness. 

Heights Platform

We designed these suede business cards for Heights Platform with a unique concept. We took a screenshot of their app interface and gave it a tactile feel by applying our raised spot UV gloss to all of the different buttons and icons on the interface. 

DJ Niki

In our design for DJ Niki's business cards we added raised gloss over the mixer knobs and faders on the back to give them a tactile feel and stand out look. The front side has music genres across the background that appear in blind raised gloss, plus raised gloss effects over DJ Niki's logo.

Detail Aesthetics

We love when designers apply raised spot UV gloss over highly detailed patterns and illustrations and Details Aesthetics did just that with their business card design. The three dimensional and textured feel of the raised gloss works great over the complex eye logo and the other elements on the card. 


BayerRand has a modern geometric design which they accentuated with the use of raised spot gloss over their hexagon logo. The logo stands out because the remainder of the card is kept simple, with only the most necessary information on the reverse side. 
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