Sinnett Realty

SRG designed their business cards with our suede lamination and the application of a subtle amount of raised gold foil. The auspicious use of raised foil for only the employee name and the title on the front is a nice classy touch without being overdone. The rest of the card being printed in greyscale with lots of bold blacks and whites helps the bits of raised gold foil stand out in just the right way. 


We added raised gloss over our suede finish for SHC's new business cards. The shapes in the logo really benefit from the 3D look and feel provided by the application of raised gloss. You can find a video of this card better showing the raised UV gloss effect on our instagram:

RT Design

RT Design choose our suede business cards with 1/4" rounded corners. The design features a blind spot UV gloss pattern that creates a great contrast in texture while at the same time not being overdone. 

Neon Software

We designed this business card as one of our sample cards showing off our raised holographic foil. Holographic foil looks very similar to silver foil at first glance, but tilt it under light and it will give off an impressive rainbow reflection. A vibrant retrowave design like this is a perfect match with holographic foil. 


We printed suede business cards for the team at MaxQ with a blind spot UV gloss finish. The logo pattern that existed throughout the orange portion of their business cards was repeated across the remaining grey background in spot gloss, giving half of the card a gloss pattern and keeping space for the smooth feel of the suede lamination on the rest of the card. 

Keiro Consulting

We printed cards for Keiro Consulting with our velvet-like suede lamination and raised spot uv gloss to give an embossed effect to the lines and shapes in the design as well as the logo. The raised gloss creates a dimensional appearance and raised spot uv over our suede business cards makes the ultimate statement, taking the effect of silk and spot uv a step further in boldness. 

Heights Platform

We designed these suede business cards for Heights Platform with a unique concept. We took a screenshot of their app interface and gave it a tactile feel by applying our raised spot UV gloss to all of the different buttons and icons on the interface. 


We helped EBS bring their vision to life for a modern black business card with a vibrant gradient logo. Filling out the background on both sides of the card is a topographic map pattern appearing in blind spot UV for a nice black gloss to contrast the suede finish. On the info side of the business card we went with a color gradient over all of the text, to contrast with the colors on the logo side. Finally EBS decided to go with 1/8" rounded corners to keep the corners safe from dents, and to better fit the brand's aesthetic. 

DJ Niki

In our design for DJ Niki's business cards we added raised gloss over the mixer knobs and faders on the back to give them a tactile feel and stand out look. The front side has music genres across the background that appear in blind raised gloss, plus raised gloss effects over DJ Niki's logo.

Detail Aesthetics

We love when designers apply raised spot UV gloss over highly detailed patterns and illustrations and Details Aesthetics did just that with their business card design. The three dimensional and textured feel of the raised gloss works great over the complex eye logo and the other elements on the card. 

DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga designed their suede business cards with a very creative use of spot uv gloss. On the front side the DDP logo is coated with spot uv. Then on the back there is blind spot uv for Steve's name, so the name appears in spot uv only, but it is still visible because the spot gloss increases the contrast and makes that area darker when no light is hitting it, and reflective when light hits it. DDP also applied spot uv in a creative way to Steve's glasses, so that they appear glossy in his photo on the side of the business card.


Brandthumb designed their business cards to be printed on our suede lamination finish. On the front of their business card they have added a unique and extremely detailed thumbprints. The tactile experience created from the velet-like feeling of our suede business cards really fits nicely with a business named "Brandthumb".

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