Blaze designed their cards with a simple choice of suede and spot UV. They chose a dark grey ink for the background of their card and contrasted it with vibrant blues and purples from their logo that we covered with spot gloss. 

Beleaf Tea

Beleaf Tea is fictitious business that we created as an example of our raised foil stamping over suede business cards. You can see and feel this suede business card with raised gold foil for yourself in one of our sample packs. Raised foil business cards are one of our newer print options, available in either gold or silver raised foil over our suede lamination. 

Beautiful Beasties

Beautiful Beasties designed her suede business cards to incorporate her detailed illustration work. We worked with her to add spot uv gloss to the brightest white highlights on the tongues of the beasts illustration. The end result of the subtle spot uv highlights created a deep contrast and gloss on the tongues in the illustration that normally would not be possible in print. On the back her logo was added as blind spot uv, and the corners were rounded 1/4" to finish it off. 


BayerRand has a modern geometric design which they accentuated with the use of raised spot gloss over their hexagon logo. The logo stands out because the remainder of the card is kept simple, with only the most necessary information on the reverse side. 

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